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Browning Homestead Farm Rose Veal and AGH Pork back in stock

Posted 2/3/2017 7:47pm by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Browning Homestead Farm 


Inventory update follows.  We don't bring everything in stock to the market, so to be sure we have what you'd like, please email us your orders and let us know the date you'd like to pick up.  We're at the Indoor South Kingstown Farmers market every Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 


Ground Veal

Boneless Veal Shoulder Roasts

Osso Bucco

Veal Cutlets

Veal Tenderloin

Veal Loin Steaks

Veal Loin Chops

Veal Rib Chops

Veal for Stewing

Veal Knuckle Bones

Veal Kidneys, Hearts, Tongue and Liver

Veal Sweetbreads - 1 pkg only



Ground Pork

Pork Loin Chops

Country Style Ribs

Spare Ribs


Pork Loin End Roast

Pork Liver

Hocks, Trotters, Heart

Back Fat

Leaf Lard



Meaty Beef Shanks
Ground Beef 
Ground Beef Patties
Bone-in Chuck Roast
Stew Beef                                                                              Round Roast (Top or Bottom)
Face Rump Roast                                              
Boneless NY Sirloin Steak                             
Rib eye Steak (semi-boneless)                           
T-Bone Steak                                                     
Porterhouse Steak                                              
Beef Liver, Tongue, Kidney      
As always, many thanks for supporting our farm!                                          


Bill & Roberta Browning
Browning Homestead Farm
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to family farm stewardship and producing wholesome food.

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