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Introduction to the Primal Cuts of Beef

Posted 5/21/2019 6:15pm by Browning Homestead Farm.

At the market we use a beef chart to show customers where the cut they are buying comes from, and how where it comes from guides how it should be cooked.

Remember that all meat is muscle. Then look at (or think about) how the animals move. Cattle are always moving: they walk and graze, they don't just stand in one place and eat; they run, kick and even climb. Our cows have the benefit of being out in large fields all of their lives. In one field they even play in our farm gravel bank, running down and climbing up paths they've made.

Looking at the chart and thinking about how the animal moves, you can tell what cuts are going to be the most tender (the part of the beef that moves the least - think tenderloin and see on the drawing where it's located), and what cuts that are going to be less tender (front legs and shoulders, back legs and round).  The "secret" is that muscle that moves the most has the most flavor. So by getting to know the methods for cooking those less tender cuts you'll be enjoying the most flavorful beef!, and spending less money on those cuts too!

Check out this Guide to All the Cuts of Beef, it's a handy resource for choosing cuts of beef. It was this article that introduced me to the 7-bone roast, which we then had our butcher cut for us.  It makes a wonderful oven braised roast for Sunday dinner.  



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