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Lamb Sausage is back - 3 kinds this year!

Posted 6/30/2017 8:30pm by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Browning Homestead Farm

Our Lamb Sausage is back, and this year we had three different kinds of Lamb Sausage made:

Lamb Kielbasa 
Lamb Sausage with Basel
Lamb Sweet Italian Sausage
We will have plenty of other Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal cuts in our market freezers tomorrow morning at the SK Farmers Market, plus our Bacon, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian and Breakfast Sausage.  
FRANKFURTERS:  If you bought our Frankfurters that we got back from Noacks recently, please email me and let me know if the casings were tough. We didn't have them for dinner until after we had sold some the first week and the casings on the ones we had were tough, not at all the standard to which we have grown accustomed from Noacks.  We stopped selling them until we can figure out if Noacks overcooked them or exactly why the casings are tough.  But please, let us know, we will make it up to you.  We want your meals with BH meats to be delicious.  
There will be NO MARKET on Tuesday, July 4th.
Thank you, and have a relaxing weekend and holiday!  
Roberta & Bill

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