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Our American Guinea Hogs (AGH) grow slower than most all other breeds of pigs. Most other breeds of pigs are sent to slaughter at 5 months, after being raised on a steady diet of grain.  Our AGH pigs grow naturally and slowly on grass and forage.  As we have moved along in our breeding program, we have chosen only those pigs who grow well and steady on the grass and forage that we grow ourselves. Supplemental minerals and vitamins that are required for their health are provided too.  Our gestating and lactating sows are fed supplemental grain along with their regular diets - the health and nutrition of our stock is always a priority.  We have appreciate our customers' feedback on our pork as we found the right combination of grass, hay and other forage that turns out the best and tastiest pork, with non-greasy, clean fat that liquifies on cooking. 

All our fresh and cured sausages and bacon are made without nitrates/nitrites.

Ground Pork

Kielbasa Dogs

Breakfast Sausage (linked or bulk)

Mild Italian Sausage (linked, natural casing)

Hot Italian Sausage (linked, natural casing)

Kielbasa (link, natural casing)

Spare Ribs

Country Style Ribs

Rib Roast (special order)

Rib chops

Loin chops

Loin Roast (special order)

Boneless Loin Roast (special order)

Ham, bone in, cured - whole or half

Ham, boneless, cured - whole or half

Smoked Ham Steaks

Fresh Ham Steaks




Fat back

Leaf Lard


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Browning Homestead Farm  161 Matunuck School House Road Matunuck, RI 02879 401-783-9239   We have our lamb back in stock!  List of cuts can be found below. If you have a lamb order plea

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